Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

We can be your complete website help desk or just provide some extra support for your business – our technical team can build a service that fits your exact needs and budget.

Our website maintenance and support services are designed for either businesses who don’t have an expert in-house, or those that wish to complement their existing teams. For many of our clients, we serve as an extension of their business. Their very own web department with on-demand web developers working to resolve their any website issues and help with different projects. We can manage your day-to-day website, provide long-term advice regarding web related updates, issues, proactively prevent issues occurring and we deliver exceptional value.

Common website maintenance tasks:

  • Debugging

  • Contents Updates

  • Pop-up Creation

  • News Update

  • Site Makeover

  • Graphic Design

  • Products Update

  • ASP.Net Consulting

  • Keywords Search

  • Semantic XHTML

  • Images alterations

  • Bug Fixing and changes

  • Troubleshooting & Support

  • Browser Compatibility Correction

  • Additional Webpage Development

  • Add photos, graphics and fixing layout issues